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Информация по реабилитации инвалида - колясочника, спинальника и др.

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Accessibility for the Disabled

Accessibility for the Disabled A Design Manual for a Barrier Free Environment

This manual was prepared by the Urban Management Department of the Lebanese Company for the Development and Reconstruction of Beirut Central District (SOLIDERE) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia ESCWA) and with the approval of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the National Committee for the Disabled.


I. Urban design considerations
1. Obstructions
2. Signage
3. Street furniture
4. Pathways
5. Curb ramps
6. Pedestrian crossings
7. Parking
II. Architectural design considerations
1. Ramps
2. Elevators
3. Lifts
4. Stairs
5. Railings and handrails
6. Entrances
7. Vestibules
8. Doors
9. Corridors
10. Rest rooms
III. Building types
IV. Implementation checklists
V. Appendices
Trouble Shooting
Comparative Tables
Height Limits
References / Acknowledgments